A Book on a Big Screen

A Book on a Big Screen: Paper Towns

a book on a big screen - paper towns

paper towns1★★★★/★★★★★

Nat Wolff as Quentin “Q” Jacobsen
Cara Delevingne as Margo Roth Spiegelman
Austin Abrams as Ben Starling
Justice Smith as Marcus “Radar” Lincoln
Jaz Sinclair as Angela
Halston Sage as Lacey pemberton

Director: Jake Screier

 Get Lost. Get found.

I didn’t expect much from the movie since I’ve already accepted the fact that any book made into a movie is never going to be what we expect it to be. But the movie is good and funny and I love how Nat Wolff portrayed Q that I couldn’t think of anyone who could do it better. I’m not sure about Cara Delevingne but she’s good too. I like how she gave life to Margo Roth Spiegelman. 🙂

paper towns

If you’ve read the book, then you already know the story. If not, here how it goes.

Quentin “Q” Jacobson liked Margo Roth Spiegelman the first time he saw her. He knew she was his miracle. She was smart and popular and they used to be friends until they weren’t anymore. Then came high school. Q was fine just watching Margo from a distance until one night when she climbed into his room. She needed to borrow Q’s car, technically his mom’s car, because she had plotted a revenge plan for her ex boyfriend who cheated on her with her bestfriend. So they drove off that night, executing the plans she had for those people who hurt her. It was a crazy night for Q because he hasn’t really done something quite like that before but with Margo by his side, he felt different. He felt his heart beating so hard for the first time like he was really alive. They had so much fun that they ended up at SunTrust building, looking out at the view of their town, where Margo told him about the paper town they’re living in. 

Their adventure ended with Margo telling Q about how he should feel his whole life. That he should be having fun and having adventures and doing things he wanted. Then they said goodnight and that was the last thing he heard from her. 

The next day, Q was excited to see Margo thinking that something about their friendship might change considering last night. But it never happened. Margo didn’t show up that day and not on the day after and not on the day after that. She was gone. And that was when Q started finding clues they thought Margo left for him. Together with his friends, they looked for Margo. They searched and after finding enough clues, they concluded that Margo was somewhere in New York, in one of the paper towns there. And so another adventure began. Q and his friends went to a road trip to find Margo wherever she was. 

paper towns ending

The story basically tells us that Margo wanted something more. That she didn’t want to get stuck in her little town because she knew there were so much more when she lets herself to explore. She wanted to find herself even if it meant leaving her family and friends and school behind. She was willing to do it just to find what she really wanted in life.

I really liked the story when I first read the book but I hated the ending! It was saddening and it sucked that Q had to let her go. :”( If you want to know what I mean, go read the book or watch the movie. 🙂

paper townsBased on a novel by John Green
Title: Paper Towns
PubDate: September 22, 2009
Page count: 305


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