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Book Review: Meant To Be by Lauren Morill

meant to be★★★/★★★★★
Title: Meant To Be
Author: Lauren Morill
PubDate: Nov 13, 2012

Meant To Be is a fun and quick read. It’s one of those books that will make you laugh and fall in love with London, i mean with the book. It didn’t interest me on the first chapters but as the story went on I started to love it. And what happens when you’re paired up with the class clown on your school trip anyway? You will have a crazy-fun-drunk-and-who-knows-what-happens-adventure!

It’s what happened to Julia when she’s paired up with Jason, the guy who break rules and doesn’t believe in MTB. Julia, the queen of following rules, starts to break rules when Jason leaves her with no choice but to go with him to a party on their first night in London. It’s also when Julia starts to break some of the rules on her personal handbook. Don’t sneak out. Don’t lie. Don’t drink. Don’t do it, don’t do that. The next day, she swears she will never follow Jason again but when she receives a mysterious text from Chris, who told her they met at the party, she knows she needs help. And who else besides Phoebe, her bestfriend who is oceans away from her, will she turn to for help? Ding! Her buddy, Jason. And that’s when their operation “Find Mysterious Chris” starts.

This will make Julia and Jason closer than they imagine they could be. Touring London together, breaking rules together, experiencing things they want to do together, falling in love together and finding their MTB together. Or with each other. 🙂

It’s a cute and fun story and I wonder what Jason looks like. Tsk.

I give it 3 stars! 🙂

“Or maybe Jason’s right: there are perfect people, many of them, and it’s up to you to grab one when you find each other in the random chaos of life and love.” – Julia


“Point is, maybe some people wouldn’t want to be around me all day, but there are people out there who would. And they’re smart and funny. And they like some of the same things I like and hate some of the things I hate, but they also introduce me to all kinds of new things. That’s as close to ‘meant to be’ as I can imagine.” – Jason
“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”
 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I, i, 234)

(originally posted at thefunineverything Feb 18, 2015)

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