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Book Review: Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

can you keep a secret

Title: Can You Keep A Secret?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
PubDate: 2003


I’ve finished CYKAS for the second time and it was really nice since I was able to read all those funny, sweet and crazy moments between Emma and Jack Harper again. 🙂

I know I love every book I read but this one is different. I love their story because it was about secrets. I mean, I loved how Emma accidentally told Jack all her secrets on the plane even though they were complete strangers and how Jack kept a secret from Emma but then ended up telling her all his secrets too. It started with secrets and it ended with secrets. 🙂
Jack Harper was just so sweet and I loved his character. How I wish I can meet a guy like him. And Emma, she was just an ordinary, nothing special girl for Jack Harper but in a good way. 🙂


And this is my favorite part of the book…
‘You don’t know what it was like for me,’ I say, on firmer ground.

‘Everyone was laughing at me. Everyone was teasing me, in the whole office. Artemis was teasing me’
‘I’ll fire her,’ Jack cuts me off firmly.
I’m so shocked, I give a half-giggle, then turn it into a cough.
‘And Nick was teasing me’
‘I’ll fire him too.’ Jack thinks for a moment.
‘How about this: anyone who teased you, I’ll fire.’
This time I can’t help giggling out loud.
‘You won’t have a company left.’
‘So be it. That’ll teach me. That’ll teach me to be so thoughtless.’ 

See? Wasn’t Jack Harper the sweetest guy in the world? :”)))) How I wish they make this into movie too like my other favorite book Love, Rosie. I’ll be very happy to see Emma and Jack Harper on the big screen! :))

(originally posted at thefunineverything Jun 24, 2013)


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