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Poem: The Feeling

At first we thought it was nothing
Then it became our everything
You thought it will work out fine
But here we are breaking the line…

And we used to be friends
We used to be so close
Now we act like strangers
Like we don’t know each other…

Then times passed us by
Came the time to say goodbye
But feeling continue to grow
Eventually they start to show…

Now we don’t know how to deal with this
We’re not sure how to handle this
What to do with the things inside our head
What to do with what we feel inside…

The first was gone
You’re the second to come
And it feels like it’s already done
Are you gonna be the one?

Because it’s hard to decide
Harder, to hide what you feel inside
But I can’t really do anything
Especially when I’m not the one deciding…

Sorry for not accepting you
Sorry for not being true
Sorry for making you feel this way
I’m afraid you might go away…

But please understand me
Please see what I really want you to see
It’s too complicated for me
It’s not what I want us to be…

Because it’s not my decision
It’s not my action
I know this is my life
But I don’t really have my heart…

All I know is I can’t be with you now
Maybe someday somehow
So let’s just control the feeling
Let’s just stop everything…



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