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Book Review: All Fall Down by Ally Carter

all fall down

Title: All Fall Down (Embassy Row #1)
Author: Ally Carter
PubDate: Jan 20, 2015

“No, Grace. You don’t get to be stubborn this time. This time you have to be safe. Okay?

Gallagher Series was the reason why I love spy movies. I know the books didn’t have much of guns and jumping off buildings and killing but I loved how Ally Carter has written it. And besides, Cammie was a bad ass and so her bestfriends.

Anyway, this first book of her third series is not what I expected it to be. I wanted more. I wanted more action. I wanted more spy stuff. And I didn’t really connect with the characters. That’s the reason why I only give it 3-stars. 

The story is basically about Grace and the Scarred Man who she thought killed her mother. She was thirteen when she saw her mom died in front of a scarred man. Then there was a fire that burned down her mom’s antique shop. She witnessed and remembers it all. Only not exactly the way it really happened. Now she sees the Scarred Man again and this time she’s convinced it’s really him. Though there were other four times she thought it was that Scarred Man, or not. She wasn’t really sure then but now, she’s very certain. So when she hears that the Scarred Man is going to kill again, she makes a move. Only this time, she’s wrong again.

“I am the Girl Who Cried Wolf. And now I am the only one who can save the lambs.”

From the moment I started reading I’ve been thinking of possible ways it could end and somehow I got it right. Grace remembered it all wrong. Her memories were playing her and eventually she realized it.

And I’m not sure about Alexei, btw.


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