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Book Review: What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

what we saw★★★★★/★★★★★
Title: What We Saw
Author: Aaron Hartzler
PubDate: Sep 22, 2015

“Not being able to say no isn’t the same as saying yes.”

Here’s how the story goes: There was a party, drunk highschool students, Twitter and you know what happens when there’s a party with a bunch of drunk highschool students and their Twitter.

It’s a really good story that tells us that one brave voice can change the course of everyone’s life, that one brave girl can change another girl’s life.

Four Reasons Why I Love Kate Weston.

1. She’s not like everyone else and by everyone else I mean EVERYONE WHO WITNESSED what happened.

I love that she’s different from all those people who think that just because a girl wears short skirts and tank top it means she wants to be raped! That’s bullshit and no girl should be treated that way. I know we’re responsible for what we wear but how we dress doesn’t call for anything — harm or trouble or any bad shit. We should blame how people think of what we wear.

2. She reaches out to Stacey even though Stacey pushes her away.

I can’t blame Stacey for being angry and hurt and broken but it was so kind of Kate to reach out to her to know what really happened. They were friends before and sure enough Kate still cares for her. And you know what’s funny about friendship? Even though you’re not friends anymore, there’s still a part of you that will always care. Because once upon a time, you and that person shared memories.

3. She knows that no matter how much you love a person, it’s not enough to accept the fact that he can lie straight to your face about an important thing.

It breaks my heart to know that Ben lied to Kate. He was so close to being perfect –smart, athletic, good looking, kind– but it was so dumb of him to lie about what really happened. I know he was worried about being cut off his team and his college scholarship but still, he should’ve at least tried to speak up. Or be man enough for Kate to tell her the truth. And the fact that he begged Kate not to go to the police, total asshole and turn off! 

And of course it was also hard for Kate because she loved Ben but it wasn’t enough. The truth must be told even if it caused her her relationship with that one person she thought she really knew. Ugh!

4. She’s strong enough to speak up about what she saw.

Do I need to explain more? Nah, just read the book.

“Sometimes, when change happens, you can’t stop it or control it or direct it. You can only hang for the ride.”


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