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Poem: December Friend

Five years ago, a friend sent me this:

December – a month so filled with salubrious moments
Each day blooms as though life knows no trials, blots and torments
Zenith of the year is how my lips and heart describe it
Ever since I met its twenty-first child in a minute.

Like a brainsick, I find myself grinning yet hurt at times
Many do notice that all things around me flow with rhymes
Among a dozen of months, this one is the most bizarre
Real joy do I feel but I don’t know what the reasons are.

I thought at first it’s just because of the birth of the King
Even though deep inside I know there’s something more behind
Oh! Why do I loaf in this queer yet familiar setting?
Confusions and mysteries have kept on plaguing my mind.

At last I’ve learned the true reason why this month is so great
My year will end with worthwhile, historic horizons too
Ponder not it’s just about Christmas why I’m in this state
Obviously, my December is well lived because of you.

It made me happy because he took time to write this one for me but what made it more special is the fact that the first letter of each line is the acronym of my name. It was really sweet of him. 🙂


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