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Three Words

Are you okay?
I miss you.
Have you eaten?
Where are you?
I like you.
Take care always.

These are three words we always hear but don’t really get and realize the real meaning. We’re maybe used to people telling us these but how about we take time to understand what they really mean? Because sometimes, we hear the words but we don’t take time to feel their meaning.

Are you okay? Don’t you feel even a little bit better when you hear someone ask you this? Isn’t it nice when someone is concerned enough to ask Are you okay? after a long day at school/work? Because I think that only the people who love you will be the ones who will care enough to know how are you at the end of the day.

I miss you. Three words that can always warm our heart. I miss you can also mean I want to see you, Come back here, and so many other things. We often hear our relatives and friends say this especially when they’re living away from us and don’t you think it’s their way of telling us that they want to see us again because they have so many things to share and say to us? These may be simple words but to others, they mean so much.

Have you eaten? This one is my personally favorite because when you hear this from someone, you know they truly love you. Because who would want their love one to starve? I think it’s also our way of telling someone “Hey, let’s have lunch/dinner so we can catch up on things about each other.” or simply, “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat and talk about everything while we’re on it.” And who doesn’t smile when they hear the word “eat”, anyway?

Where are you? This could mean so many things. Because when someone asks you this, they also want to know if you’re safe, who are you with, what time will you be coming home and what are you doing. Most times it simply means the place where you are, sometimes it means a lot of things and usually it means I’m worried about you especially coming from our mothers when it’s late at night and we’re still not home.

I like you. It’s a compliment we all want to hear from someone. But generally, we hear this when someone feels an attraction or connection with us. There are different stages of likes for me. First, it’s when you find someone physically attractive. I like him because he’s cute. Second, it’s when you find out that you have common interests and that you can talk to him about anything. I like him because I can connect with him. Third, it’s when you can’t stop thinking about that person anymore. I like him because he’s been running inside my head 24/7 and I always want to see him. Fourth, and the most exciting one, it’s when you finally realize that he’s not only cute but he also understands you and he drives you crazy. I like him.

Take care always. I also love this one because hearing these words is also a sign that the person saying it cares so much about you. He wants you to be safe, to be far from any danger and to always take care. It’s nice to know that someone is concern about your well-being and isn’t it heartwarming when he already knows that you’re capable of taking care of yourself but he still want you to know/hear that he cares? It’s sweet!

Then, there are the words I love you. And it says it all.

So, these are only few of those three words we always hear but don’t bother to understand what really mean. And I hope that from now on, when we hear these words, we realize what the other person really means. That they care for us, that they love us.


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