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Book Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Title: The Girl On The Train
Author: Paula Hawkins
PubDate: January 13, 2015
Page count: 325

“I have lost control over everything, even the places in my head.”

While it was gripping and intriguing, The Girl On The Train was complex and somehow depressing. I liked that it kept me on edge at first but at some point I just felt frustrated with everything that was happening.

I haven’t read a lot of thrillers and as I’ve mentioned before, I prefer watching than reading them. But since there’s been a fuss going around about this book, I gave it a go.

The book is centered on the narration of three women; Rachel, Megan and Anna, their lives got intertwined when a murder occurred and Rachel just happened to decide she had to get herself involved because she thought she knew and saw something she wasn’t quite sure about that might help the police solve the mystery around it.

Rachel is the girl on the train who likes to watch people especially Jess and Jason, the ideal couple she wishes she and her ex-husband could be. When the train stops at the same red signal everyday, she would just look outside the train window and she would see them, two happy couple having coffee on their terrace. She has this image of Jess and Jason inside her head, a perfect couple who love each other very much. Until one day when her train stops at the red signal and she sees Jess on their terrace with another man.

Megan is Jess. She’s the woman Rachel sees on her terrace with her husband, Scott (Jason). She and Scott are not really the perfect couple Rachel thinks they are but they’re not unhappy either. They are just normal couple who fights until it gets too much. Megan has a dark past which she hasn’t talked about with Scott.

Anna is Rachel’s ex husband’s new wife. She hates Rachel for bugging them and she hates that they live in the house her husband (Tom) used to live in with Rachel.

What I liked most about this book was the thrill of guessing who did it. While Rachel gave me blurry details from her blurry memories, I worked my mind and tried to weave everything she’d given me so far. And when I was almost sure of who my bet was, something else would happen that would completely point to another suspect. It was kinda infuriating but it was what kept me reading until the end.

As for the characters, honestly, I didn’t like any of them and Rachel frustrated me so much. I knew she just wanted to help but the lying and drinking and the regrets, everything just made things more complicated. And while she wanted to make things right, her actions and decisions failed to support her.

Overall, it was a good thriller with twisted plots and depressing characters. It was interesting enough to get my attention but I’m afraid I didn’t like the ending. Argh. I love a good omg-I-didn’t-see-that-coming feeling when reading the ending of a book but this one failed to give me that feeling. But still, it was engrossing and I think I would’ve given it a 4-star if only Rachel’s character became less annoying and frustrating.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

  1. I agree that Rachel is definitely not a likeable character and it made me enjoy the story less as well. I know it’s part of the whole unreliable/unlikeable character technique that seems to be really popular right now, but that doesn’t take away that Rachel can become really annoying at points. 😉 Great review!

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