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from me to you #9 (Shadowhunters tv series)

I just have to say this here because my sisters don’t know how frustrated and disappointed I am with the Shadowhunters tv series! I mean, what have they done with it? I’ve seen clips at Youtube and I can’t help but cry in dismay. I LOVED TMI series and I know the movie failed but the series? Oh, god! I don’t even like Dominic Sherwood as Jace. I’ve watched some clips and I know the story is still there but they changed so much. Ugh. I know they say it’s for the “betterment” of the series but still. This is the reason why I don’t like books being made to series or movies. But still, this is only my opinion and I’ve seen that a lot of people actually love the series.



8 thoughts on “from me to you #9 (Shadowhunters tv series)

  1. I’m one of the few people who actually enjoyed the movie. Sue me, it was entertaining! Though I would like to switch movie Alec with tv Alec because damn, Matthew Daddario is sexy. Also I hate tv Clary. She sucks at acting.

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    1. I LOVED the movie!! I’ve seen it a hundred times (it’s my favorite!) and I think Lily Collins and Jaime Campbell Bower were better than the tv series casts. They were perfect but too sad the movie didn’t do well. I was really hoping to see them back for more tmi movies! Ugh. And I agree that Alec in tv series is hotter than Alex in the movie. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! I honestly think the movie would’ve done better but they did like zero marketing for it. They didn’t even show the trailers for it on tv until like just 2 weeks before it was released. It’s almost like they just relied on the book readers to build up the hype for it which is just silly.

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      2. I totally agree!! If only they did a good job on marketing it then we would’ve seen City of Ashes and the rest of the books on the big screen too! What a waste! Are you watching the tv series?

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      3. Well I started when they first came out but only made it through one full episode before the awfulness just got too much to bear. But I did try it again the other night to see if it gets any better. Jury is still out though. Whoever is doing the writing for show is doing a really terrible job haha.

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      4. Haha. Ikr? I gave it a try thinking it would somehow get better but nah, that’s the best they can do. What’s surprsing is it’s renewed for a second season. *cries for the movie*

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