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Why wait for the right time when you can do it NOW?


Why wait for Mother’s Day before you tell your mom you love her? Why wait for Christmas before you give your bestfriend the book she’s been eyeing in the bookstore? Why wait for the right time when you can just tell that special someone that you love him/her now? Why wait when time waits for no one?

I think it’s just right that we say or do the things we want to before it’s too late. Before we don’t have the time to say or do them anymore. I know things always need perfect timing but have you ever thought that maybe “now” is the right time? That maybe if we just breathe then say/do it then everything will be fine? That maybe if you call him/her this instant then he/she will still be yours tomorrow? That maybe if you call your family right now and invite them to dinner then you’ll have a great weekend? I know it’s funny how fond I am of the concept of “now” but I’ve learned that it’s you who make the time right for everything. You have the power to make a moment either a perfect or bad one! And like what my sister said, waiting for the right time is just a waste of time.

Life isn’t about waiting for the right time to come. It’s all about doing all the right things in the time that is given to you.

What I’m saying is, don’t waste the time you have now on things that don’t really matter. Call your parents, treat your bestfriend, talk with your colleagues, shop with your sister, help your local community, there are things in life that you could be doing but ignore them since you always believe you can do them tomorrow. What if it’s already too late? What if there’s no more tomorrow? So don’t waste your chances. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Because it’s always exciting to surprise yourself than lose a chance.

So breathe and do/say it now.


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