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Tula: O, Sayo Na

Tula means ‘poem’ and O, Sayo na is translated as ‘Here, It’s yours now’ in English.

It’s more beautiful when you read it in Tagalog but for those who can’t understand my language I provided an English translation.

‘Hindi pa’ sabi ko
Ngunit ‘Sige na’ sabi ni puso
Ilang linggo pa lang kasi
Ngunit heto hindi mapakali

Maghintay, aking desisyon
Pero ‘Bahala na’ ang tugon
Bakit ba kasi ganito
Baliw ang tibok ng puso

Osige, bahala na
Sabi mo kasi magtiwala
Ayan na, sayo na,
Ikaw na ang bahala

‘Not yet’ I said
But ‘Go on’ said my heart
Because it’s only been weeks
But here I am exhilarated

To wait, my decision
But ‘Whatever will be, will be’ my response
Just why is it like this
Crazy, the beating of my heart is

Fine, whatever will be, will be
Because you said to trust
Here you go, it’s yours
It’s up to you now


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