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Book Review: Never Never: Part Three by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Title: Never Never: Part Three
Authors: Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher
PubDate: January 19, 2016
Page count: 92

“Charlie? What if… when we broke up… we screwed with destiny?

I don’t know what happened to this book but it was disappointing. I was actually waiting for a good ending, a good wrap up to Silas and Charlie’s mysterious in-sync amnesia but man, was it such a let down. What kept me engrossed on this book was the mystery behind Silas and Charlie’s amnesia episodes and I waited for that big revelation, for that moment when everything will make sense but no, Hoover and Fisher just needed to take that road! They had to make everyone love the first two parts (Part One and Part Two) and then let us down in the last. I honestly believe that the story could go a hundred different ways but I don’t have any idea why it turned out that way.

So in this last part of Never Never series, Silas and Charlie are still piecing things/memories together as they wake up to another day without knowing each other or themselves. But unlike the previous occurrence, at least now they’re with each other and they can figure things out together. They have 48 hours before their memories get swipe clean again so they start by working on the notes they left for themselves the day before. They read letters, Charlie’s journal and slowly things and feelings start to flow back like memories.

I won’t say I totally disliked the book, in fact, it was sweet and romantic. With fate and soul mates and thinking that the universe cursed them because they fell out of love, I think that was sweet. I was actually laughing as they thought of explanations why it was happening to them. It was crazy, but who are we to say that their love wasn’t strong enough for the “bigger things” to curse them. Lol.

Hypothetically speaking… what if soul mates exist? And once they come together, they can’t fall apart?
Charlie stands up and begins pacing the room. Soul mates? she mutters. “This is almost as ridiculous as a curse.
Or two people developing in-sync amnesia?

I hate not to love the book but it was such a disappointment. But I’m still giving it 2 and a half star!

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