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Book Review: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Title: The Unexpected Everything
Author: Morgan Matson
PubDate: May 3, 2016
Page count: 519

 “I knew that this couldn’t last- that there were people waiting and he had things to do and this couldn’t go on forever. But in that moment it was like everything fades away and there was only me and Clark and the possibility of us- whatever we might become- stretching forward in a hundred different directions, all of them unexpected, each one better than the last, the ending not yet written.”

Lighthearted and entertaining, The Unexpected Everything was my first book of Morgan Matson. It was one of those books I wished I’d read with my bestfriends because like Andie, I have three crazy bestfriends who I missed hanging out with. It was a fun read and the characters were all easy to love.

I definitely enjoyed this book and I can give you five reasons why.

First, the girls/friendship. Alexandra “Andie” Walker is a smart, determined girl who has everything planned out for her summer. She has three bestfriends; Palmer (the optimist), Toby (the hopeless romantic) and Bri (the happy-go-lucky). While Andie tries to survive her summer with a new job (walking dogs) that she really didn’t want to take but didn’t have a choice, she has friends by her side who support her unconditionally. She has three bestfriends to tell her if she has dog hair all over her or her party dress is too sexy. I liked how the friendship in this book was portrayed with all the meet-ups at the diner, the boy-talks, the pool party, the scavenger hunt and all the group texts they had. And of course, the drama. The four of them are basically sisters at heart and their friendship is everlasting. Until someone keeps a secret and the others find out about it.

Second, Bertie and the other dogs. Don’t you just love everything that involves dogs? I mean, they’re cute and they always want to play with you and they smooch you! I instantly loved the cover of this book the moment I saw it because there are dogs and it’s lovely. How Bertie played a big role in the book was also cute.

Third, father-daughter relationship. Andie’s father, Alexander Walker, is a prominent congressman. But a scandal is tagged on his name right now, affecting his career and endangering his place in congress. He wanted only the best for his family but when Andie’s mom died five years ago, he became distant and Andie felt like she’s lost her dad too. Her dad became busier and barely gave time to her. But now that he’s not allowed to work (which was all he ever did) because of the on going investigation on his case, he’s spending more time at home, with Andie. And as they spend time together which is awkward at first, Andie and her father eventually stop tiptoeing around each other and decided to face their father-daughter issue head on which in the end works out perfectly.

Hey, hon. Make sure to get some gas on your way home from Clark’s. I don’t want you to run out on the way to Mystic.

Sure. But what do you mean “Clark’s”? I’m at Palmer’s. We’re watching educational television.

Don’t make me GPS the car again.

Gas. Sure. 
Clark says hi.

Get me a summary of his new book and all is forgiven.

I’ll see what I can do
Clark says if you promise no Secret Service agents he’ll think about it

Tell him he’s got a deal.

Fourth, the emojis. Didn’t we all pass that phase when we were so in love with emojis that those were all we used? Like 👧🚗🍕👌and ☀️🚗🍨🍨👙🌊🌊🏊 and 🍔🍟🍎🍜🍕🍹 or just simply 👊!

Fifth, C.B. McCallister. Cute. Older. Shy. Fantasy novel writer who published his first book at the age of fourteen. How cool is that? I loved that Clack is not your typical boy next door but a little mysterious and deep. He loves writing but after publishing his first two books, he thinks that he’s done. Until he meets new friends and a new girl who he loves making up stories with and walking dogs with.

Overall, it was a lovely book with dogs and emojis and bestfriends and cute boys. In short, you should read it!

“In all the movies Toby has made us watch, it was always somewhere very romantic. On top of the Empire State building, on a rain-streaked airport runway, at a New Year’s Eve party. This moment did not, an any of the movies I could recall, take place in a bookstore in New Jersey packed with fantasy-novel readers, many of whom were in costume.


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    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (And I guess it’s hard not to like this book!) 🙂


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