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More of Ridge and Sydney || Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

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I was browsing Colleen Hoover’s group page earlier (I love her!!) and look what she posted just hours ago!!!!

Sometimes when I’m bored, I make headway on things I hope will eventually turn into something significant someday. Like this.



I drag my thumb from my ear to my chin. “Like that?”

Ridge smiles, but he’s shaking his head to let me know I got it wrong. He presses his elbow into the pillow as he lifts up. He takes my hand and tucks my thumb in as he straightens out my index finger. Then he presses it to my ear and slides it over my jaw toward my mouth. “Like that,” he says.

I make the sign for deaf again on my own and he nods.

“Perfect,” he says.

I fall back onto my pillow and smile up at him. It’s the second time I’ve stayed the night with him. The third night we’ve spent together since we reunited at the concert last week. It’s still surreal. With the way things ended with our friendship a few months ago,  I honestly thought we’d never get to this point. There was too much guilt between the two of us and we both needed space…and time.

Now we’re here. Together. And it’s…everything.

The more I’m around Ridge, the more I find myself wanting to understand every part of him. Every part of his life. I’ve already learned over 100 new signs this week alone. I think we’re both so desperate to be able to communicate without any barriers, learning to speak each other’s language is the only thing either of us wants to do when we’re together. Well, mostly. We tend to want to do other things occasionally. We get sidetracked a lot.

“My turn,” he says. He still struggles with speaking out loud, so I let him do it at his own pace. But I love how eager he is to perfect what’s already more than perfect to me. He signs as he speaks out loud for me. “The sound a cat makes?”


He nods and presses his fingers against his throat so he can feel his voice. “Me…oh?”

I shake my head. “First part sounds like…” I sign the word Me.

“Me?” he says aloud.

I nod. “Second part…” I lift my hand to figure out how to sign the second part. I can’t even think of how to explain it, so I sign the letters Y, O and W.

I can tell by his expression that he wasn’t expecting one or more of those letters. “Sounds like Y?”

I nod again and sign Y-O-W as I speak the letters.

He lifts his hand and presses his warm palm against my throat. “Again.”

I speak slowly as I enunciate. “Mee…yow.”

“Mee…yow,” he repeats.

I grin. “Better.”

“Meow,” he says with ease this time.


He starts to sign several things without speaking, but I lose track of his hands after the first few words. It takes a lot of effort for my brain to keep up with the quick pace at which he’s used to signing, but at the same time, he struggles to speak his words out loud and doesn’t use his voice if it’s a longer sentence. He picks up his phone and types something out for me and then faces the phone screen toward me.

Ridge: Why is the word Meow sometimes also used to depict when something is sexy? Does the word make a sexy sound when spoken aloud?

I laugh a little, and then nod once as I lift my gaze back to his. “Very sexy.”

His eyebrow lifts in amusement. He sets his phone on the mattress above his head and moves closer to me. Right as he leans in to kiss me, he whispers, “Meow.”

I sigh. I’m pretty sure that’s the sexiest meow to ever pass a person’s lips.

His fingers slide through my hair and his warm lips are parting mine. I welcome his kiss with eagerness as I grab his arm and pull him toward me. I always want him physically closer, even when he’s inside me and it’s as close as we can physically get.

He begins to slide on top of me and I hear his phone fall to the floor. I don’t bother telling him he knocked it off the bed. I don’t think we’ll be needing it at all during the next hour.



I’m a big Colleen Hoover fan and Maybe Someday is one of my favorite books (ever!) and seeing this post brought back so many feels! I mean, reading more of Ridge and Sydney makes me happy and I’M HOPING to see so much more in the future! ❤

This book was amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful! Have you read it? Because I would love to hear your thoughts about it! 🙂

And she just posted this on her blog here!!

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    1. I’ve read all her books (except Hopeless series) and they’re all good! I recommend all but maybe you should start with Slammed series! 🙂 Her book are all compelling and unique and maybe I’ll let you decide when you finish one of her books.

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