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Book Review: See How They Run by Ally Carter

Title: See How They Run (Embassy Row #2)
Author: Ally Carter
PubDate: December 22, 2015
Page count: 336

Just a few weeks ago I was obsessed with the Scarred Man and justice and proving to the world that I’m not crazy. I was wrong, of course, about so many things. And I may be wrong about this. But if there’s something worse than knowing an awful thing, it’s knowing nothing at all.

Okay. So, the second book in the Embassy series, I can say, was more intense than the first,  All Fall Down. Not action-packed intense but crazy-Grace intense! Well, Gracie wasn’t really crazy but she just happened to remember that she actually killed her mother. And as if that wasn’t enough to make her crazy! I remember having mixed feelings with the first book and I’m not really sure what I feel about this one. It was gripping and entertaining but somehow Gracie became more and more paranoid. But then again, she had a reason to be!

The story picks up when Grace finally remembers what happened that day when her mother died. After years and years of accusing the Scarred Man, Dominic, of killing her mother, she realizes that she was actually the one who killed her mother. Now Grace tries to live with that fact that she killed her mother and even though no one really blamed her, it still hurts to know the truth. The story continues as Jamie and his West Point friend, Spence, visit Adria. And when Spence is found dead one day after a party, tension mounts in Embassy Row and next thing they know, one of Grace’s friends is accused of being a murderer.

I enjoyed this book better than the first because here we see more action from Grace and her friends. They did a lot of spy things and it was actually exciting how they explored tunnels and caves and secret doors! But more importantly, we got to know more of Adria’s history that might’ve gotten Grace’s mom in danger in the first place. I also liked the idea of the secret society and I think I might’ve an idea why they were so eager to take in Grace.

But though there were interesting things going on, I can’t say that I liked Grace that much in this book. Mostly she irritated me. I don’t blame her but it was annoying how she kept blaming herself and thinking she was crazy and that she made all the bad choices in the world! I mean, she can be crazy at times but being crazy over and over again was frustrating. As for her friends, I’ve grown to like them more and more! Noah, I liked him ever since the first book and I don’t know *shrug* but I’m somehow hoping for him to have “something” with Grace. Lol.

Noah shakes his head and backs away. I know he wants to fix this — fix me. He doesn’t yet know that his best friend was broken long before he met her — that I’ll never really be okay again.

Megan and Rosie were still adorable and Lila, well, I’m not sure about her but she can’t be that bad. And Alexei, oh Alexei, there were times I was so sure about him but there were also times when I felt nervous of who he might really be. But of course he can’t be the bad guy!

I laugh because, for once, Alexei chose to run away with me.

We also got to finally meet Jamie, the big brother. He wanted to be there for Grace, to protect and make sure she was fine. He came to make sure that his little sister didn’t blame herself for what happened to their mother. He was also Alexei’s bestfriend but with all the allegations after what happened to Spence, they drifted apart.

 Alexei’s mask is gone, forgotten. And Jamie looks up at his oldest friend and says, “I’m okay …”
“Shut up,” Alexei snaps. “Save your strength.”
“I’m fine.” Jamie struggles to pull his arm from around Alexei’s shoulders, but when he does he stumbles, and Alexei catches him.
“I’ve got you,” Alexei says.
“I know,” Jamie replies.
This is how boys make up, I decide. Some bloodshed, a mob, and a few terse words, not a single one of which is sorry.

The last part of the book was my favorite part, with the celebration and Jamie and Gracie in the middle of it and everything else happening around them. It all happened so fast but I loved how Grace finally figured things out and how Alexei just showed up when he needed to and Princess Ann helping them and Dominic saving them and Ms. Chancellor explaining Grace everything. It was so intense I was actually on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Overall, it was fast-paced, gripping and a little frustrating if you hate repetitive scenes and cliffhanger. And with the revelation at the end of the book, I know it’s gonna be a long wait until the third book! But I’ll patiently wait for it because I’m interested to know how it would all end.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: See How They Run by Ally Carter

  1. I loved the 2 books so much. I’m so exited for the third I couldn’t help but ask my friend to tell me what happened before I finished I was so excited to get to the end to read that part. I’m definitely reading the third. I can’t wait any longer😱

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  2. I loved the 2 books so much. I’m so exited for the third I couldn’t help but ask my friend to tell me what happened before I finished I was so excited to get to the end to read that part. I’m definitely reading the third. I can’t wait any longer😱

    Liked by 1 person

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