A Book on a Big Screen

A Book on a Big Screen: The Girl With All The Gifts Trailer

a book on a big screen - the girl with all the gifts

I was browsing YouTube the other day and this trailer caught my attention. I knew I have heard of this The Girl With All The Gifts before and when I searched about it, it turned out that it’s actually based on a book by M.R. Carey. And I somehow remembered seeing reviews of this book from some of my online friends.

Release date: September 3, 2016

the girl with all the gifts1

I obviously haven’t read the book but I always dig zombie movies and this one looked interesting! I’ve read the plot somewhere and from what I understand, humanity has been infected by some fungus which turned them into zombies. Now the few surviving human race are focused on finding a cure by studying children which have been affected and are now part zombie-part human. These children can still think and only lose control when they are too close to a human. In order to do their studies, scientists need to kill the subject but a teacher named Helen finds it uncomfortable. Now when Melanie, a Hungry (that’s what they call a child zombie) is next in line, Helen tries to save her but their facility is attacked by a group of other Hungries and that’s when they surviving part begins.

Now that it piqued my interest, I might probably read the book one of these days before the movie gets out.



4 thoughts on “A Book on a Big Screen: The Girl With All The Gifts Trailer

  1. I didn’t know there was going to be a movie either. I started reading the book some time ago but wasn’t too overjoyed while reading it (I’m not too fond of zombies) but someone told me to keep on reading, it was going to get more interesting, so I might pick it up again. I’ll wait for your review first though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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