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from me to you #18

Hi, guys!

I know I should be writing a review right now but I’m not in the mood so I’m just going to write a quick post. Also, I should be reading Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson afterΒ but, well, I’m not in the mood to read too. Ugh!

not in the mood

A couple of days ago I was able to finish The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury (that’s the one I should be writing a review on) and I still haven’t moved on from Zahra and Aladdin. I’ve been re-reading some of my favorite parts and I think I’m far from being over it. It’s a beautiful retelling of Aladdin and I loved it! Anyhow, I’m also re-watching The Blacklist with my sister (because only now she decided she wanted to watch it!) and so far she’s liking it. We’re 1 season down and 2 more to pull an all-nighter.

I still have tons of books on my TBR and I’m just hoping to finish all that are on my TBR this month. So far I’ve read 3, I think, and I still have 3 more.

So, there. I hope you’re having a better night than me. πŸ™‚

-dez ❀


2 thoughts on “from me to you #18

  1. Do you not enjoy reading anymore or just because your not over your last read? I get stuck up on characters making it hard to move on. Also, would love some insight on what you do to get ARC’s for review 😘

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    1. I don’t know, sometimes I just don’t feel like reading. About the ARC, it’s really hard to request especially when you’re from our country (philippines) because publishers usually prefer those from europe or america. But I try my luck on netgalley! πŸ™‚

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