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Book Review: Dreamology by Lucy Keating

Title: Dreamology
Author: Lucy Keating
PubDate: April 12, 2016
Page count: 336

“Our dreams are the one thing we share that nobody else can touch.”

 When I first stumbled upon this book, I was instantly intrigued. Not only because the plot is interesting but also because it has the same plot as the one I’m writing (and yes, I write stories). So basically, it’s about a girl (Alice) meeting the guy (Max) of her dreams. Max is supposed to only exist in her dreams but it turns out that Max is actually real. So, there.

The whole class is quiet now, staring at me. Including the boy of my dreams, who just became a reality.

I know there are million other stories about a girl meeting the guy of her dreams but this book was actually different and cute. Alice had been dreaming about Max since she can remember and she believed he only existed in her dreamsnot real. So imagine Alice’s surprise when she saw Max in one of her classes on her first day in her new school. Things didn’t go well between Alice and Max at first but when Alice found out that Max had been dreaming about her too, she decided to figure out what was happening to them. Reluctantly, Max agreed to go with Alice to, or to be exact break into, CDD (Center for Dream Discovery) where they both had been to before for some kind of treatment and where they met Dr. Petermann who agreed to help with their issues. But as Alice and Max continued to dream of each other and as they got closer, they realized that it was getting harder to tell if they were dreaming or not anymore.

The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner I get to wake up and see my dream boy again.

Dreamology was fast-paced, quirky and cute. Alice wasn’t hard to like (she was a so-so) and there was an easy flow of story. The other characters were okay, a bit juvenile at times but considering they were 16? I guess I didn’t mind that much. Oliver was probably my favorite character because he was just so adorable! He just knew how to be that funny guy in every book that everyone falls in love with instantly. His scenes never failed to crack me up but of course, he wasn’t the main character so you know how he ended up. (But, well, there was Sophie!) I liked Max all through out because he was your typical handsome boy who just knew all the right words to say. He was sweet and kind and smart and well liked by others and of course, your dream guy. Or Alice’s!

“Alice Rowe, you are my dream girl.”

I love Keating’s writing style, it was simple but bubbly and there was an easy flow of story. And as I said earlier, it was fast-faced but the timing was just right. It was lighthearted and sweet and if you like a fun, quirky read, this book is for you! But I guess it would have been better if we’ve seen more of Alice’s mother (her story) and more of Max’s (and other side characters) but then I guess the main point of the book were Alice’s dreams. But still. It focused mainly on the romance (which I didn’t mind; I love romance!) and Alice who sometimes was a bit self centered. But either way, it was entertaining and sweet!

What I loved most in the book were the dreams, oh the dreams! I enjoyed all their adventures in the museums, clouds, balloons, ponds and everywhere! If you have a vivid imagination, you will surely enjoy this book! Oh how nice it must be to have these crazy and fun dreams with the same guy you’ve been dreaming about for years! Lol. Anyway, I had a fun time reading this book with all the crazy dreams and sweet moments between Alice and Max. I would’ve given it 4 stars or 5 but I feel like the story can still be improved.


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