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Book Review: Summer Spark + Fall In Love by Ginnie Carmichael

summer spark1

Title: Summer Spark
Author: Ginnie Carmichael
Pub Date: December 11, 2014
Page count: 69

“I wasn’t sure if I was ready to give a man a chance. I was used with my celibacy by now, but I knew I also wanted someone to prove me that love did exist. I wanted someone who wouldn’t break my heart and stay by my side forever, but that was hard to come by.”

Summer Spark is the first in the Four Seasons Serial by Ginnie Carmichael. It’s a quick but sweet and lovely read, just 60+ pages of fun and cute story. I found this book by accident while looking for some chick-lit and I’m glad I did.

All Elsie Anderson–34, children’s book writer, single mother– wanted for Sophie, her adoptive daughter, was for her to get away from the bad influence in her life, that were her friends. Being a teenager and all, Sophie started hanging around the wrong kind of friends and Elsie absolutely didn’t want that. So when an incident happened that involved Sophie, her friends and the police, it was all the reason Elsie needed to move to Smithfield, Virginia. Sophie wasn’t happy about the move so being a stubborn teenager to her mother, she refused to talk to Elsie. Thank universe Elsie had Apollo, her dog.

The move wasn’t only hard for Sophie but also for Elsie because it meant leaving her father behind. But she knew moving to a new place would be good for both of them. Moving to a new place also meant meeting new people. A few days after they moved, Elsie took Apollo for a walk and they found a park near their house. There, she met Debbie and Jack, a four year old who got smitten by Apollo. Next thing Elsie knew, Debbie was inviting her to a club and she was saying yes. Then Debbie introduced Elsie to her brother, Alex Becker, and that was when Elsie started to feel the summer spark.

Summer Spark was a really sweet read! Elsie wasn’t really looking for love but when she met Alex, she just can’t help but fall in love. Alex was Jack’s father, a total gentleman and a firefighter. And who doesn’t fall for a firefighter, anyway? Elsie and Alex couldn’t deny their attraction with each other but Elsie was kind of afraid to let a man in in her life again. She was afraid of getting hurt again but with Alex she decided to take a risk. Over time, Elsie’s relationship with Sophie also began to improve especially when an incident. involving fire, unexpectedly happened.

If you want an easy and cute read, you should pick up Summer Spark! It’s a nice story about new beginnings and finding new people who could make you happy. And oh, it ended in a cliffhanger.

fall in love1

Title: Fall In Love
Author: Ginnie Carmichael
Pub Date: January 28, 2015
Page count: 62

“I guessed that was another thing that Alex could do to me. When everything was bad, he was there to make it better.”

Fall In Love is the second book in the Four Seasons serial and loving Summer Spark, I decided to read it right away (which I got free over at Ginnie Carmichael’s website).

Picking up where Summer Spark left off, Fall In Love continued with Elsie and Sophie moving into a new house after the incident that happened. Elsie and Alex were still seeing other and it seemed like their relationship kept on improving. Alex was there when Elsie needed someone especially after what happened. Sophie, Jack and Apollo were the best of friends and Elsie was happy to see that they were all getting along well. But when Elsie found out that her father got a heart attack, she had to go back to Seattle to see him. And she needed to go back for a scheduled book signing anyway.

Elsie flew to Seattle and instead of Sophie, she was with Alex. Sophie chose to stay to attend Josh’s birthday party (Josh was her new friend) but promised to come with her the next time. The trip gave Elsie and Alex more time together and it was a chance for Elsie to introduce Alex to her father, who instantly liked Alex. She also brought Alex to the places dear to her which was like showing him a part of her past. It all started great but when she brought him to have a dinner cruise, it seemed to have triggered something inside Alex. And that was when we heard the story of his wife, Elena.

I’m loving Elsie and Alex’s story more and more! Now that Elsie was ready to love Alex with all her heart, it turned out that Alex wasn’t ready to forget Elena yet. He knew he loved Elsie but with every day he spent with her he started to forget about Elena. It wasn’t a bad thing, loving again, but I think he felt guilty because he was replacing Elena with Elsie now.

This series just keeps on getting better and now I’m patiently waiting for the next book! I’m excited to know what happens next with Elsie and Alex and to find out how they’re going to work things out.


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