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Poem: This Ends Now

Your words are like knives to my heart
And with every push my world falls apart
You don’t stop when I beg you desperately
You don’t even know that you’re hurting me

You leave me crying on the floor
You just let me watch you walk out the door
You don’t even stop when I call you back
Just blurt out the words “I don’t give a fuck.”

Days gone by but the wounds remain
I don’t think things will ever be the same
You don’t even call when I’ve been waiting
And now I feel so stupid for hoping

Hoping that you’d say you’re sorry
For all the things that you have done to me
I don’t think you even realize it
I’m not even sure you knew what you did

But I’m done putting up with you
I’m so tired of always forgiving you
This time I’m going to walk away
I’ll leave you here no matter what you say

It will take time but I will heal
And this doesn’t really change what I feel
Coz I know I may still love you somehow
But I’ve had enough so this ends now

This poem is inspired by the novel It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.


14 thoughts on “Poem: This Ends Now

  1. THIS! Oh my God.. this is so inspiring and somehow brings about this surge of girl-power. It’s also a bit sad, if you ask me– I’d never wish for anyone a life like that. And you know what hurts the most in this whole piece? The fact that her heart may still beat for the one who broke it. Real, but utterly sad. I loved it!

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    1. That’s what broke my heart too. Because sometimes we can’t help but still love the one who hurt us the most. </3 It's really sad and I also never want anyone experiencing this!! And I'm glad you loved it. Thank you!

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      1. Guess that’s just one of our humanly weaknesses. We feel too much. And people who pretend they don’t? They felt, once, too, but have learnt to bottle feelings up just because they don’t want to get hurt. And I don’t blame them entirely for that.

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      2. We don’t have the right to blame them for that. If anything, we should admire them for being strong, bottling it all inside despite the pain they’re feeling. Wow. This sounds so serious. Haha.

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      3. I have a feeling you’re that kind of person and I’d love to have a friend like you! Someone who knows there are things you’re not telling even when you say you’re fine, things like that. Haha.

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