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Book Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt

3.75/5 stars
Title: Paper Princess (The Royals #1)
Author: Erin Watt
PubDate: April 4, 2016
Page count: 370

You want me to say it? he whispers. Fine I’ll say it. I want you. I fucking want you.

A lot of my blog friends seemed to have really loved this book so I decided to read it, too. While this book is unputdownable and entertaining, it explores a darker path of family drama, angst, revenge, secrets, betrayal and all sorts of NA stuff. The plot is not really new to me, rags-to-riches-Cinderella kind of story and I admit it’s one of my favorite themes in books because really, who doesn’t get inspired (and jealous) when reading one? I mean, the main character starting off to be poor and all then becoming filthy rich the next second. I just have some issues like how the Royals are a bit dysfunctional and they seem to have all the mature stuff happening inside their house, no, I’m sorry, palace. But anyway, this book is no doubt addictive that now I understand why everyone enjoyed it.

It’s actually my first time to give a 3.75-star rate in a book because while this book is entertaining, there are so many wrong things happening inside it and I don’t think it wowed me that much. Okay, maybe that’s where my problem lies because I loved the book but didn’t loved it too much. I’m torn between loving it just fine and loving it so so much but anyway, you get my point.

Ella Harper’s mother died of cancer a couple of years ago and since then she’s been struggling to support herself—necessities, school and all—by working part-time jobs to the extent of working in a bar. It’s hard but she’s making it on her own until Callum Royal shows up at her school and declares himself Ella’s legal guardian. Ella, might or might not, put up a fight to make Callum fudge off but when Callum tells her about Steve, her father, her curiosity gets the best of her. Of course, deep inside her she wants to know the father she never met and understand why he wasn’t there for her and her mother. Callum then makes Ella an offer and it just gets better when he promises to give Ella cash for every month she stays with him, and his five sons. It’s a good deal for Ella since Callum Royal is nice and rich but to her luck, Callum’s sons are not so generous like him.

The Royals are totally fucked up. Gideon, Reed, Easton, Sebastian and Sawyer are Callum’s sons and each is messed up in their own way. They hate Ella even before they met her and they make sure to make her feel as unwelcome in their home as unwelcome can be. They try to scare, intimidate, play and torment her but Ella is a tough girl. She never backs down. She plays their game because she knows she can handle them. But as they continue to spend time together Ella begins to understand why the Royals behave and act the way they do. She sees why they are so messed up that she can’t help but to understand them.

“Look, I like you. Didn’t think I would but I do, and because I like you, I feel the need to warn you that we Royals are pretty fucked up. We’re good in bed, but out of it? We’re like a stage four hurricane.”

The things happening inside this book are sometimes scary. The parties, the tension between Ella and the Royals, the highschool drama, the deceit, the money, and I don’t think I would ever want to go to a school like Astor Park Prep. Lol. The NA stuff I understand because they’re in highschool and I think it’s automatic with the Royal boys since they’re all handsome, arrogantly rich and of course, hot! I actually liked the sexual tension between Reed and Ella because it makes things harder for Reed and come on, we all know it’s bound to happen.

I admit I was sucked in by this book that it was 2 in the morning but I didn’t care. Like I said, it was addictive. You wouldn’t help but to keep reading until you find out what happens next that you wouldn’t notice you already reach the last page. And oh my god that last page!

Paper Princess is a pretty messed up story but bf you want a crazy addicting story, you should read this one!

* * *

Maybe another time, away from this place, you and me would have a different story.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt

  1. I’ve read this book too and 100% agree with your review! If I turn my “thinking cap” on, there are so MANY THINGS wrong about the story, but if I just let myself get swept up in the story, it’s SO addictive. Totally like Hana Yori Dango, which I pretty much loved in its every iteration. Are you going to read Broken Prince soon? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right??!! I loved Hana Yori Dango and I guess Ella’s personality and pain and struggle just made up for all those shit the Royals are doing! And yes, I’m going to read Broken Prince because how can I not after that cliffhanger? Have you read it? 🙂


      1. Aw. That’s too bad! And here I am hoping the second book will be as engrossing! Bummer. But we’ll see when I read it. 🙂


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