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Book Review:Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Title: Vampire Kisses (Vampire Kisses #1)
Author: Ellen Schreiber
PubDate: March 1, 2011
Page count: 196

“The moon is so beautiful tonight,”he said, staring out the gazebo.
“Makes me think of werewolves. Do you think a man can change into an animal?”
“If he’s with the right girl,” he said with a laugh.

This one is a re-read. I first read the series years back when my friend lent the first book to me and I remember loving it. I admit I wasn’t into vampires back then, well, except to Edward Cullen, I guess, but Vampire Kisses was somewhat cute and entertaining so I guess that did it. And it’s a vampire ROMANCE so, yeah, I was sold right away.

Raven Madison is obsessed with vampires, she actually wants to be one. Her obsession started when she was in Kindergarten and since then it’s become her ambition to find an actual vampire and be one. Now she’s sixteen and her dream hasn’t changed. She likes black, watches vampire movies and she dresses in a gothic way branding her a little different from the others. Her style also doesn’t get her a lot of friends except Becky, a timid farm girl everyone makes fun of. And if there’s one thing in Dullsville Raven loves, it’s the abandoned mansion sitting on Benson Hill. Now when the creepy Sterlings suddenly claim the mansion, rumors say they are vampires. And what more can pique Raven’s interest than a family of vampires right under her nose? One way or another, Raven knew she has to find out the truth about the Sterlings, she especially likes to know more about the son, the Gothic Prince, Alexander Sterling.

Vampire Kisses is a light but engaging read. I liked Raven so much because she’s perky and funny and she never lets anyone boss her around. She has a weird family but don’t we all have? Her parents used to be hippies but until now they’re still cool. She finds her little brother, Billy—Nerd Boy, annoying but he can be cute and sweet too. I actually love their scenes, when they’re fighting and annoying the hell out of each other!

You didn’t go to Oakley Woods with a poster. You didn’t dress up like a vampire to impress a poster. And you didn’t hide my dad’s racket so you could gain the attention of a raging poster!

Aside from Raven’s family, there’s also Becky, her shy but very supportive bestfriend, and Trevor, her nemesis who annoys her all the chance he gets. Trevor is obviously crushing on Raven but he denies it by bullying her. I liked that Raven doesn’t fear Trevor and she actually provokes him once in a while which just makes things more exciting.

“You want me so bad,” I shouted in his face. “And you can’t have me!”

Now, now, let’s get to Mr. Gothic Prince. Alexander Sterling is the son of the new family living in the creepy mansion. I remember adoring Alexander back then and now, well, he’s still okay. He’s nice but awkward in a sexy way! He likes hanging around the cemetery, doesn’t go out in the day and loves the dark. Throughout the book we see Raven trying to figure out if Alexander is a vampire and really wishes he is. They eventually hit it off, Alexander inviting Raven to the mansion (not sneaking in, this time) and then decided to somewhat become friends.

“I want a relationship I can finally sink my teeth into.”

The humor and the darkness of this book mix quite well that I can’t help but love it more and more. It’s only the first book, I think I got through until the fifth back then, but I plan to finish all the books in the series now. And I know there’s a bunch of other vampire books out there but if you want a quick, funny and very entertaining vampire romance, you should try this one.


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