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Book Review: The BFG by Roald Dahl

Title: The BFG
Author: Roald Dahl
PubDate: 2001
Page count: 195

‘I is a dream-blowing giant,’ the BFG said. ‘When all the other giants is galloping off every what way and which to swollop human beans, I is scuddling away to other places to blow dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children. Nice dreams. Lovely golden dreams. Dreams that is giving the dreamers a happy time.’

One night, by the witching hour, Sophie sees a giant. Because Sophie has seen him, the giant decides to kidnap her from the orphanage. Sophie is scared and thinks the giant will eat her but to her surprise, he doesn’t. When they reach the Giant Country, the giant explains that he only took her so she can’t tell anyone about his existence. Soon, the giant tells her that he doesn’t eat human beans like the other giants, that he’s a Big Friendly Giant. As Sophie and the BFG spend more time together, they become closer and each learn a thing or two from each other. They avoid the other bully giants who always go away to find new human beans to eat at night, they go dream collecting and later will pay the Queen a visit to stop the other giants from eating more human beans.

My first book of Roald Dahl was Matilda which was brilliant. This time I read The BFG and no doubt loved it too! Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant are soooo fun to read!! It’s only my second book of Dahl but definitely not the last! It’s very entertaining but beyond that I think it’s very ironic too that it’ll make you ponder at times.

‘Do not forget,’ the BFG said, ‘that human beans is disappearing everywhere all the time even without the giants is guzzling them up. Human beans is killing each other much quicker than the giants is doing it.’

‘Human beans is the only animals that is killing their own kind.’

I enjoyed everything about this book! Sophie is a brave and smart girl while the BFG is a kind, thoughtful, well, friendly giant. I loved their adventures and somewhere along the way they formed a beautiful friendship. I liked it everytime the BFG talks in a funny way and Sophie corrects him everytime. They’re hilarious and I found myself cracking up at the BFG’s words most of the time.

‘You is welcome to go and search my cave from frack to bunt,’ the BFG answered. ‘You can go looking into every crook and nanny. There is no human beans or stringy beans or runner beans or jelly beans or any other beans in here.’

And the more I read on, the more I loved the BFG!! He dislikes the other giants because they eat human beans and it’s really cute that instead of eating them, the BFG gives them pleasant dreams. And because the BFG is only 24 feet tall, not 50 feet like the others, and he doesn’t eat human beans, the other giants bully him but of course, he doesn’t hurt them back because for him, “Two rights don’t equal a left.”

I think this book is amazing! When talking about giants children always think they are scary but Dahl was able to write a book about a friendly giant who befriends a sweet girl. Yes, there are scary giants in this book but Sophie and the BFG are able to punish them for being brutish. It gives the idea that even little girls and friendly giants can do great things together. I also like that it shows us that not all giants are scary and eat human beans. In short, don’t judge a book by its cover

This book is really entertaining with Sophie and the BFG’s adventures, the BFG’s silly words but I especially loved the dream collecting part and when they visited the Queen! And the fact that they involved the Queen is brilliant enough!

Then out he came!

Twenty-four feet tall, wearing his black cloak with the grace of a nobleman, still carrying his long trumpet in one hand, he strode magnificently across the Palace lawn towards the window.

The maid screamed.
The Queen gasped.
Sophie waved.

The movie adaptation came out months ago but I’m yet to watch it. The trailer looks great and it’s really cute so I’m really excited to watch it! 🙂


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