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Poem: Sunday Rain

It was Sunday when you called me at home
You asked me out so I was smiling at my phone
Soon you picked me up in your old blue truck
It was all lovely and all I could ever asked

Then we drove down to our favorite place
I was so happy to see a smile on your face
We were laughing and dancing and happy
We were everything we wished we could ever be

Suddenly the angry rain poured down on us
It was when I hoped for everything to last
Your hands on my waist, my arms around your neck
That was the best night ’cause everything was perfect

Then you brought me home that cold rainy night
I still remember when everything felt so right
You slowly made your way to keep me warm
And I was so thrilled to be tucked inside your arms

You lent me your shirt and asked me to stay
Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way
And then your hand found mine after a while
Soon we were tangled together which made me smile



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