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Book Tag: 3 Days, 3 Quotes

Time for another book tag. Today I’m doing the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Book Tag and I want to thank Bre over at Forgotten.PumpkinPie for tagging me on this one! โ™ฅ


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day


I remember reading Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen when I was 17 and liking it enough to put it on my list of Top Books I’ll Always Love. I was just starting to discover my love of books back then and maybe because I haven’t read that many books yet, this book has made an impression on me and now I still love it.


  1. Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter (It’s her birthday today, btw! Go greet her!! )
  2. Cass @ Late Night Reviewer
  3. Jess @ Jess Reads Books


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