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#7 Wish list

“9 Things I Love About Christmas”


I always always love making wish list and what’s more exciting than writing your Christmas Wish list? I know we all have a long list of things we want to receive this Christmas but my list for this year only contains 3 things. These three things are what I would really love to receive this year and I think I’ve been nice enough for Santa to surprise me by granting these wishes.

Number three on my list is The Lunar Chronicles Boxed Set! I’ve been wanting to buy one for myself but wouldn’t it be nicer if Santa would give me this boxed set instead? (And whoever my generous Santa is, I’d be grateful if you’d actually give me one!) :DNumber two on my list is a roundtrip ticket to Palawan! I miss my mom so seeing her this Christmas would be the perfect gift! And I’d love to see my Nanay (grandmother) too! 🙂

And the number one thing I’ve been praying to have this Christmas… a new smartphone. Yep, just a smartphone. I just disposed my old one (I’ll miss you!) and now I’m looking for a brand new one.

So, that’s all for my Christmas Wish list. How about you, what’s on your list?

*This post was supposed to be posted last night but since I got caught up with things, I failed to update my blog and posted this tonight instead. I know I’ve been a little busy these days but I’m seriously missing my blog and I promise to update more often when I’m not busy. Either way, MARRY CHRISTMAS everyone! 😀


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