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Book Review: Memories by Lang Leav

Title: Memories
Author: Lang Leav
PubDate: October 6, 2015
Page count: 256

I related so much with this book and there were times I had to stop and appreciate how wonderfully written these pieces were. I love that most of them really tugged at my emotions and they struck straight through my heart. And though some were from her previous collections, I loved the added ones!

To be honest, I was disappointed with Leav’s first two books (Love & Misadventure and Lullabies) but I love this one much better! It’s sad and though they hurt, the words were honest and beautifully woven together.

There are things I miss
that I shouldn’t
and those I don’t
that I should.

Sometime we want
what we couldn’t—
sometimes we love
who we could.

The Stranger
Does it make you crazy? To think he saw you—his eyes passed over you and if only there had been some small mishap in that pivotal moment. A spilled drink, a stumble through the door—his hand reaching out to steady you and it would’ve happened. A whole new world would’ve opened up like a vortex to swallow you both into blissful delirium. But you turned away, out of shyness or indecision and by the time you turned back, he was gone.

How do you explain it without sounding unsound? That click you felt when your eyes met his, like the switch of the train, transporting you for one miraculous moment, to what might have been.
Then reality intervenes and with a shake of your head, you tell yourself to stop chasing shadows. But I can tell you now—that click you felt, it was real—and you must not ignore it. For it is the sound of your fate beckoning. It is the voice of your destiny calling. Sometimes it only calls once.


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