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Book Review: The Universe of Us by Lang Leav

Title: The Universe of Us
Author: Lang Leav
PubDate: October 4, 2016
Page count: 240

 Sometime the loneliest place to be is in love.

I think me and Lang Leav’s books have a very strange connection. I mean, I was totally in love with her words but as a whole this book failed to amaze me. Again, the words are beautifully woven together but I was emotionally detached and at times I didn’t feel anything at all. And I really really wanted to love it more but it didn’t do the magic like it did to others.

You may be powerless now, but there will be a time when you won’t be. Don’t you see? And that’s the time for you to be loud, to tell the world about the changes you want to see, to set them in motion.

You’re still crying about him, aren’t you? Silly girl. What good will it do to you to spill those sky blue tears? You meant either everything to him or absolutely nothing at all.

Having read all four books/collections of Ms. Lang Leav, I can say that I was a bit underwhelmed. The first time I heard about her books I was so excited for everyone seemed to love them and so I decided to grab a copy for myself. Don’t get me wrong, Leav did a good job putting these poems together and they’re beautiful but I guess they didn’t wow me as much as I expected them to.They’re fine and there are some I really loved but most of them failed to impress me. But again, it’s just me and I hope the next person will love it more than I did.

Nonetheless, people who love poetry will definitely enjoy this!

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