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Book Review: Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella by Faith Rivens

Title: Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella
Author: Faith Rivens
PubDate: December 4, 2016
Pagae count: 149

Firstly, I want to say thank you to the lovely Faith Rivens for giving me an ARC of her book. I was given this a couple of months ago (I think) and was able to finish it a couple of weeks later but wasn’t able to write a review right away because you know, busy with work and all. And I know this review is way way late but I’m writing this anyway because I want everyone to know how much I enjoyed this book.

The story revolves around Eléonore, part-time librarian/part-time demon hunter/full-time mother. Being a demon hunter is a legacy passed down to her by her late father but being a mother to Etienne is a job she chose and loves. When suddenly a bounty is placed on her head and demons start hunting her down, she’s determined to find out who and why someone would do that. What enrages her more is Etienne’s life is in danger too as long as she has the bounty on her head. So she sets off to hunt down these demons instead and is determined to find out who put the bounty even if it means being separated from Etienne.

“The world was big and could be terrifying; if I wanted to survive it, I had to be bigger, braver.”

I was sold right away when I read the blurb and I knew I was going to love this novella. i certainly did! I think Eléonore is the kind of character you can’t help but love. She’s a kick-ass heroine, not perfect but a strong-willed one. She loves Etienne so much and would do everything, anything, to keep him safe. And I think any mother would’ve done what she’s done just to protect their child. Like I said, Eléonore is not perfect, she makes bad decisions but she makes up for it by learning from it.

The secondary characters are also adorable. I didn’t expect Raphael at all but I loved him! And I may have not expected the romance but I love Eléonore and Raphael together anyway. Lol. (I’m a sucker for romance, you see). I also like the simplicity of the world-building. I admit I haven’t read many books set in Canada so it was refreshing to read about the place and the descriptions are lovely. Also, it was beautifully written. Everything felt natural, no forced dialogues and the narrative is impressive.

Overall I really enjoyed this novella and would definitely want to know the rest of Eléonore’s story! So if you want a kick-ass heroine, a compelling story with a lot of action, you should read this one! 🙂

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