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Poem: Can you?

I didn’t care when you called
I ignored all your messages
I always made you wait long
I just took you for granted.

But you continued calling
You kept sending ‘good mornings’
You always made sure I was home safe
You gave me everything I wanted.

But now you realize what I am
Than I’m the girl who hurts you
So you start keeping your distance
And now I’m brokenhearted too.

Because I was starting to fall
I regretted not giving you importance
I don’t deserve you at all
But can you give me another chance?

This time we’ll talk for hours
I will never ignore you again
I’ll accept every chocolate and flower
I’ll hold your hand forever.

Just give me a chance
I will never hurt you again
I know it’s late but,
Can you love me again?


6 thoughts on “Poem: Can you?

      1. Mate, I’m quite sure that if you wrote a poem about your grocery list, I’d still love it because I know it’ll turn out to be epic anyway. You just have that effect XD and I’d look forward to read more of what you have to say because I need a dose of inspiration too xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s really sweet of you!! I post everything I write here so you’ll definitely read it once I have something new. And, I miss reading yours too!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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