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Book Review: Bitter Sweet Love by Michael Faudet

Title: Bitter Sweet Love
Author: Michael Faudet
PubDate: December 1, 2016
Page count: 208

My heart has become a broken compass. Everytime I try to leave you, I always find myself running back into your arms.

I seriously don’t know what to say about this book. I didn’t have any expectation so I can’t say I’m disappointed though I think I’m a little dismayed. There’s nothing especial about this book and to be honest I was bored most of the time. The words didn’t speak to me and there was no connection whatsoever. And seeing that I was also disappointed with Dirty Pretty Things, now I can say Michael Faudet’s books are really not meant for me.

We joined the dots
from A to B,
the line we drew
from you to me,
traced empty shore
across the sea,
over mountain top,
over the sea,
along the roads
and walking tracks,
all bridges burned,
not looking back,
for the love
we have,
no gate can stop,
no barking dog
or bolted lock,
for what is real
is meant to be,
when two hearts
in proximity.


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