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Book Review: Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino

Title: Lucian Divine
Author: Renee Carlino
PubDate: January 9, 2017
Page count: 260

“One thing I do know now is whatever faith you believe in, true love is real… and it endures.”

I have to say it’s refreshing to read something new from an author you love. I’ve read two Renee Carlino books before and loved both! I remember when I was so in love with Before We Were Strangers and then with Swear on This Life and was so excited with the news of Lucian Divine. So then when it was released, I made sure to get a copy right away.

I admit this book was one of my most anticipated books this year and I hate to say this but this book kinda disappointed me. I mean, it started off right with a promising premise and I was enjoying every moment of it but everything after that happened too fast. I mean, I don’t have anything against fast-paced love story but theirs just felt rushed. But overall, I still enjoyed this book and I was happy with how things ended.

The story centers around Evey who meets her guardian angel Lucian, not to mention drunk, in a bar after a date gone wrong. Evey finds Lucian funny and yes, stunning and since he looks harmless to her,  she ends up inviting him inside her apartment to sober up. There, Lucian reveals to her that he’s actually her guardian angel and thinking that he’s just drunk and a few screws loose, Evey plays along with him. Until he proves her that he’s really an angel—all wings and poof. When Evey still doesn’t believe him, he starts telling her things about her that only her true guardian angel would know.

This is fun, Lucian. You have quite the imagination. My life is complete now. I’ve met an angel who sits in bars, binge drinking and playing stupid songs on the jukebox.”

Lucian knew the consequences of revealing himself to Evey but he doesn’t care. He’s already on probation for breaking some rules but his feelings for her are stronger and he doesn’t give a damn if the big guy up there would punish him. Soon, both Evey and Lucian are having a connection and it’s a love that breaks every cosmic law there is.

Lucian is the kind of guy, or guardian angel, you instantly fall in love with. Being a guardian angel and all, his personality surprised me at first because I have this idea of guardian angels in my head and it’s very different from Lucian. But despite being cocky and a bit snarky, he’s really sweet and charming. He deeply cares for Evey and loves her no matter how wrong and forbidden being in love with a human is. Evey, on the other hand, is also not hard to like. But the fact that she fell in love with Lucian right then and there was a little meh for me. I know they have this connection and she felt attracted to him the first time but still, things happened too fast.

Love doesn’t always have the perfect timing. Just wait until you find the right person. Until then, live your life.

The middle part of the book is what I enjoyed most. Here, Evey and Lucian matured a lot as they try to live as normal as they could despite the reality that Lucian is changing over time. They find a way to live and love each other like everything is fine. But of course, there are rules for a reason. And Lucian breaking one of those must face the repercussions.

“Maybe after I was gone, she would remember me and be tormented. Or maybe I’d have to watch her die, and I’d be tormented. And then I realized, that is love. That is life. Brutal and beautiful all in the same..”

The ending definitely made up for the pacing and plot holes. I think it’s really sweet and I would’ve given this book only two stars if it didn’t end that way! I mean, I knew Evey and Lucian just have to end up together no matter what and thank God they did! My heart broke for the both of them but I’m just glad they still got the ending they deserved.

This paranormal romance will surely touch your heart and will make you believe that true love endures.


“I want to see you again, Evey.”
“You just have this thing. You’re beautiful and funny and smart, and I knew in five minutes I’d want to see you again.”
“Do you believe in fate?” I asked him.
“I want to. I’m going to start right now. Can I eat dinner with you tomorrow?”
So soon, I thought. But that was the old Evey talking. “Yes.”
“And Monday?”
“Um, that might be pushing it.>”i>
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve had a lot of wine.”


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino

    1. I love the book in general but I just felt like the romance happened sooo fast. Lol. But nonetheless Lucian and Evey are both special! They’re sweet and their love story hurts in a good way! Hope you enjoy it more than I did! 🙂

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