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Beauty and the Beast 2017

beaty and the beast1

beaty and the beast

Like everyone else, I love Beauty and the Beast and since I was young I always wanted to be Belle! Who doesn’t, anyway? She’s smart, kindhearted and a bookworm! Growing up, I’ve watched the animated movie a hundred times and finally watching the live-action movie, I adooooore it! My sisters and I went to see it last week and Emma Watson as Belle is perfect! We loved her, the other characters and the singing, oh the singing! Since my friends already have kids, we’re used to playing Beauty and the Beast on tv everytime we meet to keep the kids occupied while we talk.


“Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.”


Everything about the movie is perfect from the very beginning. The songs are all amazing and the ones added are also beautiful! The characters are all endearing especially Mrs. Potts and Chip. And since my youngest sister is not familiar with the movie (unbelievable, right?) she had questions and I had to explain her things. I guess she’s not just into Disney films unlike me and our other sister, Yana. But nonetheless she enjoyed it and was actually in love with Belle at the end!

beauty and the beast
Me, Yana and Aly

Have you seen the film? Hope you loved it as much as we did!


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