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Book Review: Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

Title: Miracle on 5th Avenue
Author: Sarah Morgan
PubDate: November 29, 2016
Page count: 384

“I’m a glass half-full sort of person. That’s not a crime. You see the bad in people, but I see the good. And I do believe there is good in most people.”

Miracle on 5th Avenue was my first Sarah Morgan book and it didn’t disappoint. I actually planned on reading this one last Christmas but since I was kinda busy with other things, I moved reading it until now. I’m also thinking of picking up the first two books in the series since I like Morgan’s writing a lot. Maybe some time soon when I find time.

The story centers around Eva who runs an event and concierge business, Urban Genie, with her two best friends, Frank and Paige. Their business covers organizing events to walking dogs to decorating an apartment for Christmas. That’s what happens when one of their clients, Mitzy, asks Eva to decorate her grandson’s apartment who is away in Vermont, or so they thought. Eva, ever professional and so fond of Mitzy, wholeheartedly agrees thinking that no one is occupying the apartment and she can do her job undisturbed. Little did she know that there’s a surprise waiting not only for Mitzy’s grandson, Lucas Blade, but also for her.

I’m starting to understand why you don’t date much. You’re a hopeless romantic and you’re waiting for Prince Charming? The faint hint of humor needled her, even though she was used to being teased for her rose-tinted view on life.
“No, but even you have to agree Prince Charming is a more appealing character than Jack the Ripper.

I’m a big fan of Christmas romance that’s why I enjoyed this book a lot. I adore Eva so much she makes me want to fall in love! With Lucas Blade! Anyway, I think the characters are what I love most in this book. Eva is a hopeless romantic who always looks at the bright side of life. She’s kind and sweet and she’s the type of friend who never whines. After the death of her grandmother, she tries to live up everything she’d taught her, even being the sunshine in everyone’s life even though sometimes she feels like crying. Lucas, on the other hand, believes that you can only love once. We all know he’s wrong but he’s so stubborn and his walls are all up. He’s the exact opposite of Eva, always brooding and writes mystery/horror novel.

Now that they are in a situation they both didn’t want but don’t have a choice, they decided to just mind their own business. Eva will decorate Lucas’s apartment while Lucas writes his book. But having writer’s block, the last ting Lucas needs is a singing Eva in his kitchen whose cooking always distracts him! But soon he realizes that Eva is actually the solution to his writer’s block.

I like Eva a lot and her personality is very admirable. She’s so positive in everything, always seeing the good side of things. I also like her best friends Frankie and Paige. Throughout the book we get to read a little about them and from it I can already tell that I’m going to love them as much as I loved Eva! Mitzy also warmed my heart. She’s so sweet and cares so much for both Lucas and Eva.

Lucas was right. Love wasn’t a fairy tale. It was messy and painful.

Despite being opposites, Eva and Lucas found something in each other. After the death of his wife, Lucas chose to distance himself from others, keeping his pain to himself. He never thought that one Christmas, a woman will walk into his apartment, will put a giant Christmas tree inside and make him fall in love again. No, he never thought that Eva’s singing and cooking will get through his icy personality. But he doesn’t want to hurt Eva so he tries to push her away even though all he wants to do is pull her closer to him. Eva, on the other hand, knew what she’s getting into when she starts feeling something for Lucas. She’s honest so she never hides her feelings but what can she do when Lucas can’t do the same? She really wants to be what her grandmother wanted her to be, to be the sunshine not the rain, but love hurts and Lucas is an ass.

I think everything in this book is perfect. The characters, the plot, the writing style and the snow! There are only two seasons here in our country; summer and rainy, so we don’t get snow that’s why I love reading about them. I think snow makes Christmas more magical and more romantic! Anyhow, I really enjoyed this book. If you want a fun, Christmas romance with endearing characters, this one is for you.


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