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Poem: One Lie Then Goodbye

Those were the days when we still smiled to each other
You would hold my hand and I’ll blow you a kiss
Everything was so simple, things were working out
But now look at us, always screaming and things are going south

Those were the memories we treasured most
We were walking down the street with love in our eyes
Everything was dear to us, our words were enough
But we’ve changed, now we walk away when things get rough

Those were the good old times we thought would last
I promised to love you a lifetime and you did too
Everything felt so right, we thought we’d stay forever
But what happened to forever when you couldn’t even stay longer?

That… was us
You and I… and our great love
Everything… everything was so perfect until that lie
Now I’m fighting for our love while you prepare to say goodbye

Those are my tears I can’t stop anymore
Because you choose to walk away while I choose to fight
Everything I did, and yet you’re still leaving
When you were the one who lied and left me hurting

Now this is my goodbye
It still hurts but I don’t deserve this
Everything… everything will still lead me to you but…
I’ll try to unlove you after this lie then I’ll be fine


One thought on “Poem: One Lie Then Goodbye

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