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Book Review: Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues by Trisha Ashley

Title: Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues
Author: Trisha Ashley
Publication Date: May 10, 2012
Page count: 402

When you were a little girl you wanted to run the shop when you grow up and find the right Cinderella shoes, as you called them, for every bride.

I’m a big fan of a good chick lit and I can say I enjoyed Tansy Poole’s story. Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues was my first book of Trisha Ashley and the first time I saw the cover I was sold. The words chocolates and wedding, not to mention shoes, were enough to make me buy this book.

The story follows Tansy Poole’s story when she inherits her Aunt Nan’s shoe shop in Sticklepond. She lives with her fiance Justin in London but with their relationship going downside, Tansy decides to stay in Sticklepond and think things through while managing her new shop. Enters an old friend/first love, Ivo Hawksley, who transfers to the cottage next to Tansy’s shop to mend his broken heart after the death of his wife.

It’s been a fun read and the story is a bit predictable but you won’t help but love the characters. I especially liked Tansy and Aunt Nan’s relationship. They were so close my heart broke when Aunt Nan passed away. The bond between people in their town is also admirable. They look out for each other and support each other in everything. I didn’t like Justin and Tansy’s stepsisters all throughout and Ivo was a little annoying a first but I grew to like him in the end.

Overall it’s a good read, there were repetitions of sentences and a lot of exclamation marks but still, I enjoyed the whole book.


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