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Poem: Here we go again

poem here we go again

I’ve been trying to forget everything about you
Your smile, your words, your touch
It’s hard but I’m getting there
Now here you go again reminding me too much.

It’s been months since I last saw you
I thought we’d never see each other again
So I tried moving on and letting you go
But here you go again reminding me of when

We’ll hold each other’s hands
We’ll look into each other’s eyes
We’ll laugh and dance and sing on top of our lungs
And now here I go again remembering the why’s

Why we stopped caring
Why we never said what we mean
Why we didn’t try hard enough
Now here I go again wondering what could’ve been

Should we listen to what we’re feeling?
Or should we just pretend it’s nothing?
Because lately I’ve been thinking
What if we give it another try?


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