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Book Review: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Wedding Night
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publication date: May 13, 2014
Page count: 464

“You fall in and out of love, but when you really love someone…it’s forever.”

Can You Keep A Secret? was my first book of Sophie Kinsella and I fell so in love with it. I adored the story so much that it took me weeks to get over it. Then a few months later I picked up I’ve Got Your Number and the same thing happened. By then I was sure that I’ll love everything Kinsella will write. A couple of months ago I picked up my third Sophie Kinsella book, Wedding Night, and with my past experiences with her books I thought I’ll enjoy this one too. Don’t get me wrong, Wedding Night was fun and fluffy but unlike CYKAS and IGYN, it wasn’t everything I expected.

Lottie has been waiting for her boyfriend Richard to propose to her ever since and when Richard finally starts dropping hints, Lottie can’t contain her excitement anymore. The night the proposal is supposed to happen, Lottie is very nervous and happy at the same time. But to her surprise, no proposal happened and Richard actually has no plans for them whatsoever. Now, Lottie is known to make rash decisions every time she’s upset or things don’t go the way she wants them to, so when the proposal didn’t happen, her sister Fliss is so sure she’ll do something stupid or something she’ll regret in the future. True enough, after Richard broke her heart, Lottie decides to meet with her ex boyfriend Ben after she gets a call from him. They have dinner and right then and there decided they want to get married. Then it’s Fliss’ time to make Lottie see clear, to make her realize that marrying her ex boyfriend from 15 years ago won’t make her forget about Richard.

“Men who want to get married propose. You don’t need to read the signs. They propose and that’s the sign.”

I loved Lottie and Fliss! They were adorable and the two of them together was hilarious. It’s just that sometimes I didn’t understand the decisions/choices Lottie made. And I get why Fliss did those disastrous things but I don’t know, it’s out of character. The other characters were fine but I didn’t like Ben for some reasons. The whole story was fine, I was laughing most of the time and sometimes can’t help but pity Lottie and Ben for how unlucky they were.

Overall I did enjoy the book though there were instances it felt flat for me. It’s hilarious, fluffy and it’s a little different from the other Sophie Kinsella books I’ve read but it’s still good.

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