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Book Review: This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire

Title: This Modern Love
Author: Will Darbyshire
Publication Date: 2016
Page count: 224

Dear Danny,
You are the definition of cliché;
Showing up at my doorstep with flowers,
Writing poems and love letters,
Framing our memories on your bedroom walls,
And filling up my life with laughter.
So predictable but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
To many more years together,

I finished This Modern Love in one sitting last night and let me tell you, it’s amazing! I accidentally found this book while browsing for new books to read and I’m glad I did when I did! It’s a collection of letters, stories and photographs which are all lovely, heartwarming but also heartbreaking.

It’s divided into three sections; beginning, middle and end. The beginning includes letters about crushes and when you first start falling in love. It’s really fun reading all those letters, some I definitely related with and most were adorable. The middle section includes thank you letters sent by those in a relationship and the end section is composed of letters by people who had their heart broken before.

To my crush,
You’re the reason for the soft smile upon my face, the reason for my rosy cheeks and racing heart.
Thank you, just for being you.
Connecticut, USA


Dear —— ,
I pushed you away and put up a wall to keep you out. To keep from getting hurt. I was scared of how I felt. I was scared I would hurt you, that you would hurt me. But now I know that you are perfect, perfect for me. I want you, no I need you. I want to spend every night holding your hand and be wrapped in your embrace. I want someone to care about me and protect me from all that is bad in this world. I just want you. I want you to love me again like I love you.


Dear guy who I used to know,
I wish you never took me to the movies in my favorite cinema. I wish you never took me to my favorite restaurant. I wish you never spent christmas with me. I wish you never took me to Amsterdam. I wish you never kissed and hugged me in my room. I wish you never told me that you loved me at my favorite spot in my hometown. I wish you never gave me my favorite book for my birthday.
You’re gone now, but all my favorite places and things still remind me of you. They aren’t my favorite places and things anymore.

I really enjoyed reading the whole book. It has a good concept, letting people express their feelings through letters and if only I knew about this project, I would’ve joined and sent my letters.


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