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Book Review: Jigsaw Man by Elena Forbes

Title: Jigsaw Man (Mark Tartaglia #4)
Author: Elene Forbes
Publication Date: January 1, 2015
Page count: 384

“What matters is that people are going missing. They leave home one day and don’t come back. Loved ones are left waiting, hoping… Hoping that the ring of a phone or the sound of a key in the lock is the person they’re desperately missing. But they’re not coming back, are they? There’s a nutter on the loose and he needs to be stopped. How many more victims do you think are going to be taken off the streets, killed and set on fire? How many?

I decided to read this book even though I was aware that it was already the fourth in the Mark Tartaglia series and well, it was a book I got on sale last month. The title intrigued me so much when I first saw it and the blurb surely is interesting. I haven’t read a lot of police procedural books but I love watching them! I enjoy it more when I watch people solve mysteries and they go around asking this and that, trying to make sense of what’s happening. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy this book, I did, I’m just saying that I feel like I’ll enjoy it more if it’s a tv show or something. But that’s just me!

I’ve also read that you can read this book even if you haven’t read the previous ones since this can be a standalone but of course there were mentions of past incidents from the previous books and after all it’s a series. And I might’ve enjoyed it a little more if I’ve read the first three books since I’ve probably made connection with the characters already but I have to be fine by meeting the characters for the first time in the fourth book.

Jigsaw Man has great characters, I liked DI Mark Tartaglia right away and almost everyone else. I was a bit unsure about Sam Donovan at first, maybe because I don’t know her story yet since I haven’t read the first three books, but I came to understand her character towards the end. The flow of the story was smooth and I was excited all throughout to find out why the victims were killed, how they were connected and especially who the killer was. Like everyone else, I tried guessing every time but ended up just reading on and waiting until it was revealed. And to make things more interesting, we have two different cases in this book which means two different killers.

It was just a little disappointing to find out that there was no real significance in sewing together of the bodies. I mean, it wasn’t explained why the killer did that and I really thought the two cases were connected. With Mark being in the same hotel and all, I really thought it meant something. Anyway, it’s still a good book if you give it a chance. Hope you enjoy!


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