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That Feeling

holding hands

That feeling you get when you meet someone new and things started off great between you two. A mutual friend introduced you to each other, saying you’ll get along well. And then suddenly, you get all excited about all the things you two can talk about with each other and everything he says interests you. You try to find similarities, compare likes and dislikes, whether he likes books or not and if he eats korean and chinese. You try not to reveal too much about yourself to give him time to figure you out since we all know that men like figuring out women. And when he asks something personal, you hesitate at first because you don’t feel comfortable sharing something that personal with someone you just met, at least not yet. But as days pass by, texts after texts, ice cream after ice cream, movies after movies, you both start to open up and you get to know each other better. You’ve come to learn more about him, his love of basketball, his sleeping habits, you got to meet his family and friends and you found out about his first love. Then you start feeling like you can trust him, like he can make you happy for the rest of your life and like you really want him to be “the one”. That’s when you decide whether you want whatever the two of you have to continue or not. Because at some point, you have to.


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