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Book Review: Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty

Title: Her
Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
Publication Date: February 11, 2017
Page count: —

She hesitates
when it comes to opening up
because she has fallen in love
too quickly before and none of those
she fell for opened their arms to catch her.

Can you blame her for making sure that
your hands are big enough
to hold her heart,
your intentions are true enough
for your arms to open,
and you’re strong enough to catch her.

Another poetry collection that I totally loved! I related to almost everything inside this book and every piece spoke to me. It’s empowering and all the feelings were real that I was touched though sometimes it hurt.

She is independent, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like having someone she can depend on.

It’s really a lovely book with beautifully written and inspiring words. If you find yourself looking for a great poetry collection, I highly recommend you pick this one up!

You deserve
to be with
who searches
for the beautiful
things in you 


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