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Book Review: Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Title: Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately
Author: ALicia Cook
Publication Date: January 7, 2016
Page count: 126


Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately is another poetry book I was excited to get my hands on. It talks about grief, loss, love and such which will surely hit you at some point. The book is divided into two sides, Side A and Side B, and each side has track list like a cassette tape.

Side A has full length poems, some I related with and some I totally loved! The song associated at the end of each poem also added some impact which I also liked. Side B has black out version of some poems from Side A which I think are my favorites.

Track Twenty Five

I am never going to be the girl with the perfectly
straightened hair or creased clothing. Even at my
most put together, I’ll look a bit   d i s h e v e l e d.
My socks will never match, but no one will notice
that except for my lover and airport security. At
the most inopportune times, I’ll have a run in my
stocking or a runny nose.
I’ll combine foods even a pregnant woman
wouldn’t crave. On way more than one occasion,
my friends have said out loud, I would not want to
spend one minute in your head.

I was always aware of what I encompassed. I have
never tried to conform because I did not feel the
pressure to do so (thanks, Mom!). Yes, this self-
assurance led to my grade school years being a
living hell, but even then I recognized that time
of my life as temporary .
I do not fear, nor am I ashamed of, myself.
As long as I am happy, it is my God-given right
to be odd. To be my true self.

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Taylor Swift, “Mean”

 Track Sixty Three



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