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The Book Titles Tag

the book titles tag

Hey, guys! Hope everyone is doing good. I’ve been quite busy this month and I know I’ve been MIA and haven’t updated my blog much so now here I am doing a book tag I really missed doing! I found this one over

Let’s start!

1. Title that’s the story of your life




when someone offers to save you,
make it your mission to save yourself
-i believe in you

2. Title that describes your perfect weekend


love & gelato

What’s better than having gelato with someone you love? ❤️

3. Title of an adventure you’d like to go on


the night circus

Circus with magic? I’m sold!

4. Title you want to name your child


I actually prefer Angela but Rosie or Cinder for a girl and Alex for a boy are not bad names!

5. Title of your ideal job


A Darker Shade final for Irene

Anything that has something to do with magic, I’m okay, but being like Kell, well, that’s awesome!

6. Title of a place you’d like to visit


finding paris

City of Love ❤️

7. Title of your love life


proof of forever

I think I’m lucky this year because finally, after searching and searching and searching, I found him! ❤️

8. Questions you ask yourself


can you keep a secret

Can you?

9. Title of a kingdom you want to rule OR name



How cool is it to be like Peter Pan and rule Neverland? I mean, I know girls are not allowed there but I’ll be like Wendy and Peter Pan will listen to me or something.

10. Title you’d name your band.


yours truly

I’ve always wanted to be in a band and if given a chance I’d name it Yours Truly! Rock n Roll!!

11. What is your current mood?


just like a musical

I’m in love so la la la… ❤️

12. What is your favorite color?


words in deep blue


13. How do you feel about 2017 so far?


more happy than not

So far 2017 has been good to me and I’m HAPPY! Like, seriously happy.

14. Where do you want to travel?



Because why not? I’d like to meet Kaz!

15. What are your summer plans?


somewhere out there

Summer has just ended here so I think I need to wait ’til next year for this one.

16. What are your 2017 goals?



Show everyone that I’m happy and contented and blessed!

So, that’s it with this tag. I really enjoyed it and feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to do it too! 😀


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