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March TBR [2018]


Hello, everyone! Tonight I’m doing my first TBR post of the year since I didn’t post one last month. Now, now, this month’s TBR includes books I’ve been wanting to read for decades now! It’s either I didn’t have a copy before or I was just sooo busy I’d forgotten about them. But! I’m determined to finish my goal of 80 books this year and I’m gonna start with these books!

So, I have several YA on my list and a fantasy book I’ve been hearing so much about! And if you noticed, I lessen the number of books on my TBR from 8 to 5 since I know I won’t have that much time to read in the following days. If anything, I can only read for 2 to 3 hours a day so it takes me bout 3-5 days just to finish a book. I’v been busy and I don’t want to disappoint myself when I don’t finish everything on my TBR by the end of the month. But hey, I’m trying! So there, that’s 5 books for the month of March.

Happy Reading!


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