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October TBR [2018]


Hellllooooo, I’m feeling happy today so I’m going to write something! It’s been a while, actually, since I was last here on my blog and I miss it! Well, I did some reading last week and was supposed to write a book review but work/life happened and here I am now, wishing I had finished that review I was going to post! I have so many pending book reviews I don’t know where to start. Anyhow, it’s half past October but I’m only posting my TBR! See how lazy I am! 😀


I’m loving the Ally Carter book (I love her since forever!) and I’m so excited to start with Winter. I loved the first 3 books in the series especially Cress and I hope to feel the same with the fourth book! I’ve also started with Wing Jones but only gotten around 10 pages or so. Maybe I wasn’t just in the mood to read that time! And, I like my previous Kasie West books so I’m hoping to love Love, Life and the List too.

Happy Reading! ❤


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