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Palawan Escapade 2018 ✈


I have mentioned early in the month that I will be writing a post about my trip to Palawan (yey, finally!) last September so here it comes!!!

It’s been 13 years since we left Palawan, I was 13 years old then, so I was soooo happy when I was able to finally come back. I grew up there with my grandmother since my mom had always been busy with so many things, always leaving me to my grandmother which I really didn’t mind. I love my Nanay so much that I remember crying everytime it was time to go home with my mom. My sisters and I have always been close but I was closer to Nanay when I was little. Maybe because she was the one who took care of me and she’d always been there for me!


My sisters and I have been planning to visit Nanay for a while now but since the three of us are working and our youngest sister is still studying, it’s hard to find the time. Until finally, my boyfriend John encouraged and came along with me just so I can see Nanay again. It’s been my happiest trip this year!!

It was a 4-day trip, roaming around the places in my childhood and just spending quality time with Nanay and my other relatives. I also spent time my mom, she’s living there but far away from Nanay.


We visited some tourist attractions there like Baker’s Hill and Crocodile Farm where I saw some of the biggest crocodiles I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re really big like, BIG!



I also contacted some of my grade school classmates and spent dinner with them, catching up and talking just about everything. We reminisce on the days when we were still in school together, what we used to do, where we used to go and I missed them! I’m a very sentimental person so I appreciate it when they still remember things about me.


The rest of our stay were spent with Nanay and my relatives. We went to the beach, we feasted, we talked about my sisters and we had so much fun! It was times like that I wish my sisters were with me so they can also be with Nanay, our mom and our relatives. I know they miss them too and hopefully soon we all can go and visit.

I totally enjoyed my visit and was so happy to finally see Palawan again. We already planned on going back early next year with my dad this time. Nanay wants to see him too and though my mom wouldn’t be as excited, I know Daddy wants to see the bautiful beaches of Palawan and of course he also wants to see Nanay.

from left to right: Titan (my uncle), Jasper (cousin), Tita Ba (aunt), my John, Me, Bjay (cousin), my Mom and Leroy (cousin)


And of course, I’ve done some reading while I was off work! I needed some time to read and this trip gave me that time. I brought my copy of The Longest Night, an arc from the very kind author Ranata Suzuki. If you read my review you already know how much I adored this book. It’s heartbreaking yet beautiful and the feelings are overflowing.



It was indeed a wonderful trip to Palawan. A much needed break from the busy life here in Manila!


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