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Book Review: Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter

Title: Not If I Save You First
Author: Ally Carter
Publication Date: March 27, 2018
Page count: 297

“Madeleine Rose Manchester had absolutely no intention of invading the White House. But she knew seven different ways she could do it if she’d wanted to.
After all, Logan had lived there less than a year, and already he and Maddie had found four tunnels, two pseudo-secret passageways, and a cabinet near the kitchen that smelled faintly of cheese and only partially blocked an old service elevator that really wasn’t as boarded up as everybody thought.”

If you’ve seen my earlier posts about my favorite authors, you already know that Ally Carter is one of them. I’ve read Gallagher Girls series several times and it’s still my favorite YA spy series! Cammie and her friends are my favorites when I first started reading and I think Ally Carter just writes the best YA spy books ever. Now now, my most recent book of hers is Not If I Save You First which I’d been seeing good reviews!

It’ been a while the last time I finished a good YA action and this one is a standalone, which is unlike Ally Carter because I’m used to her books being series. But I’m not complaing or anything, I just need more of Maddie and Logan!

Not If I Save You First is about Maddie, daughter of a Sercet Service agent and Logan, the president’s son. The two were bestfriends, thought they would be forever until a traggic incident happened that separated them.

Next thing Maddie knows is she and her father are living in the Alaskan wild with no phone, no internet connection and no person for twenty miles in any direction for that matter. After some time, Maddie has adjusted to her new lifestyle of cutting woods, fetching water and learning about poisonous mushrooms. Six years with no contact with other people, and Logan, until they received an unexpected visitor.

“You should have run, Mad dog.”
“I did run. Right to you.” She shrugged. “Someone has to keep you alive until help comes.”

I love this book as much as the last reader did and how much it entertained me. It’s full of action, the suspense is real and though Maddie annoyed me at times, I like all the characters. Maddie and Logan are both head strong but Logan sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him. I’m a big fan of Maddie’s dad and the Russian did grow on me in the end.

Another thing I love in this book are Maddie’s letters! They’re hilarious and I like how she tried writing Logan until she grew tried of waiting and waiting for a reply. The only thing that bothered me is how unrealistic some things are. I know it’s only fictional and that no 16 year old can do what Maddie did but never the less I found it entertaining.

Overall I totally enjoyed this book and the ending is super cute! Highly recommended if you love a YA action about surviving in the wild!


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