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Witchcraft and MOnsters

Title: Witchcraft and Monsters
Author: Kala Godin
Publication Date: January 21, 2019
Page count: 54

*Thank you Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*

They tell me
I’m more witchcraft than girl.
More wolf than woman.

Witchcraft and Monsters is a quick read, it took me one sitting to finish this collection and though it’s only 54 pages long, it tells so many things and relays feelings that will tug at you.

It’s broken down into five parts; Witchcraft, Fairytales, Bodies, Bad ideas and Endings. The third part, Bodies, is my favorite of all because there was just something in that part that hurt, something that made me sad. This book is really a good read, it has topics relating to acceptance, love, anger and power. The first two parts were a little darker but I like how the book closes with Shipwrecks and Salt Water with the author telling us that sometimes we don’t need to get drowned, sometimes we just need to learn how to swim.


You Are Here

Title: You Are Here
Author: Dawn Lanuza
Publication Date: February 12, 2019
Page count: 272

*Thank you Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*

you were my first draft

You accused me of holding back

even when
you had
all of my

This is my second book by Dawn Lanuza and I can say that I enjoyed this more than the The Last Time I’ll Write About You. While there are some I’m already familiar with, there are entries I related with and really loved!

You Are Here tells us things about love, relationships, heartbreaks, acceptance and etc. Some of the entries are empowering, some hurt and some will make you realize things. I love how these words tug at my heart and how these feelings relate to me.



2Fish by Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Title: 2Fish
Author: Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo
Publication Date: December 19, 2017
Page count: 141

I stumbled upon this poetry collection by accident and without second thoughts, picked it up. I just love poetry collections! I’m not familiar with the author but the title got me all curious and all. I started reading right away and got around the book half an hour later.

Initially, I didn’t feel anything with the words and it was hard for me to really get what the author wanted to express. This is like a diary with notes from the author which I skipped a couple of times. But then I came to the point where she tells us about her brother and I think that’s the reason why I’m giving this 2 stars. Those parts really got to me and I felt sad for her. And while others love this poetry collection, I just think this isn’t for me.




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